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A qualitative leap in the process of practical and actual recognition of the spread and implementation of tolerance and peaceful coexistence

The United Arab Emirates has recently made a qualitative leap – courage – in the process of practical and actual recognition of the transmission and implementation of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and the affirmation of the greatness of the human position and rights in the country, which is the essence and depth of the glorious and intermediate Islamic Sharia in the Islamic religion, as well as in line with the deep strategic slave The state of the UAE has the status, dignity, and happiness of the human being, as His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, issued decrees in a law amending some provisions of the Federal Personal Status Law, the Federal Civil Transactions Law, the Federal Penal Code, and the Federal Criminal Procedure Law

These amendments took into account the humanity of the family conditions of some groups of expatriates who came to the country with the aim of residing and working in accordance with their laws and customs, which were often unaware of their difference from the correct legal conditions we have, and that resulted in normal and natural results in accordance with their laws and customs, expecting them to us under accountability. They are subjected to legal procedures and suffer hardships that were not in their mind or anticipated, so their family entity is exposed to worrying conditions that expose them to a loss of reassurance and stability.

All this, without intending or their intentions to ignore or violate our laws, but rather their intentions were directed only to forming a family and raising children, so these sublime amendments came to protect families and children from these consequences, which may occur due to the difference and disparity in customs and laws.

It is worth noting that these amendments do not affect the constants and values ​​of our local and Islamic society, as it will be applied to nationals of other countries and in accordance with their laws and customs, and in specific cases

With regard to the cancellation of the article that gives the mitigating excuse in the so-called “honor crimes”, whereby murder crimes are treated according to the provisions in force in the Penal Code, – from our point of view – we see that the current amendment was correct in its cancellation, as the canceled article in itself was a violation of Islamic law, The Islamic Sharia in confirming the crime of honor requires that the incident be categorically confirmed by 4 witnesses, which was not required by the canceled article for the accused to obtain the right to benefit from it.

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