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Criminal & Civil Law


Criminal Cases

We assist stakeholders across the entire ecosystem in legal matters related to complex crime. From assisting regulators and government entities with frameworks, advising corporate clients on best legal practice, assisting multinational organizations with compliance, and safeguarding individuals.

Our expertise includes advising on issues such as corporate fraud, forgery, identity theft, breach of trust, bounced cheques, loan and mortgage fraud, violation of regulatory guidelines, corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, information security, market abuse, insider dealing, and cybercrime. We identify and safeguard against liability and protect our clients’ interests before public prosecution, police, and the UAE courts.

As a retired police officer in Dubai police, served for 30 years with a police science diploma and a master In crisis management, we can deal with the criminal cases based on using the same techniques and methods to study and evaluate the forensic evidence, as well to rebuild the case if needed.

The validity of criminal procedures taken place in the case is another source to defend the defendant, by determining the wrong procedures. Nevertheless, each crime is built on certain elements, the absence of some elements may terminate the accusation.

Our goal is to facilitate a safer, more secure environment and shield its participants from the adverse impacts associated with any crime.


Civil Cases

The most important in the civilian litigations is how to prove the claimed or disputed right, by understanding it and the perfect use of the means of proof.


By preventing the conflict of interest between the parties of each contract, it is important to have the legal opinion on the contract, yet better to draft the sheet of terms on the contract by a legal expert.


Winning the case by having the verdict in our favor is not our ultimate target, it’s executing the verdict.

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