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The 49th UAE National Day

On the second of December, the United Arab Emirates celebrates its national day every year, and all segments of society, citizens and residents, celebrate this happy day, appreciating and appreciating the splendid performance and achievement of the state, its government and its leaders, especially mentioning the goodness of meanings and purposes, and the humanity of style and direction, and are confident of exceptional capabilities For them to provide protection, leadership and good direction to build a bright and prosperous future, as is the case in the past and the present. It is worth noting that the UAE, during the year 2020, faced political, economic and health challenges represented by the Corona pandemic, and it was globally distinguished in overcoming it and dealing with it with all humanity, leadership and flexibility, so it emphasized the depth of its position And its strategic presence and influence on events politically, With its peace with Israel, it provided to the world a proof and a model through which a political future can be built that achieves development and prosperity for all parties, and economically strengthened its position and continued to provide the appropriate investment environment enhanced with high-level and quality administrative and government services and infrastructure, and proved in its handling of the pandemic the efficiency of its health, administrative and governmental sectors in dealing With her with all flexibility, innovation, readiness and effectiveness, she also took steps that are courageous and courageous, by proposing a set of legislative amendments that convey the state to the ranks of major industrial and investment countries.

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