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Family Law


We believe that the family is the most important element in society, that’s why we handle family matters with great personal care, putting in mind first to solve any disputes and disagreements, by negotiation to reach a conciliation provides the demands and interests fairly for the parties.

If results were not promising or acceptable or fair for our clients, we will proceed with legal actions and procedures to claim the defined needs and claims.

We deliver legal guidance for all areas of family life. We help create the structures to safeguard family relations and deal with disputes as they arise. From issues of separation or divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and inheritance we extend legal advice that covers sensitive situations – with confidentiality, impartiality, and tact guaranteed.

We help expatriates codify family relationships, rights, and wills in a manner compliant with Shariah. We help translate family agreements and arrangements into the documentation that comply with the local laws and can be easily enforced within the UAE court system. 

For any of your family law requirements, kindly reach out to us via the contact form, email, or phone and we will be glad to assist you.

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