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Corona, litigants, and Dubai courts

Covid 19 came out of nowhere, without anticipation and previous warning, and threw its circumstances on all countries, societies and sectors, including – of course – the UAE and the Emirate of Dubai, and I particularly mention here our justice sector, where many precautionary decisions that imposed a new reality in order to protect society and its members, were in Its beginning represents an obstacle or negative conditions for the continuation of our work as lawyers representing our clients to protect their interests, except that the Dubai courts, very quickly and with unrivaled mastery, established an electronic system well-prepared and implemented, through which all parties, from all places, whether from inside or outside the country, can attend the sessions And presenting the defense and requests therein, or providing data and testimony, we did not feel any obstruction or delay

The most appropriate and most important was the high spirit of the judges and session secretaries in respecting litigants and the parties to the cases, understanding the novelty of the system and its application, and seeking excuses for them in the event of their mistake or misuse during the sessions

I also do not forget the comprehensiveness, accuracy, clarity, transparency, ease of use and practicality of the system, so Dubai Courts deserve my testimony all thanks, respect and appreciation

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