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UAE, the Future Scientific & Discoveries Beacon

Nasser Al-Awar Advocates and Legal Consultants praises the historic amendments approved recently by the United Arab Emirates, which would attract international experts, scientists and doctors. These individuals will definitely add a scientific, intellectual, wealth. All while they own, possess and create to the state, by granting citizenship to determined foreigners with wide knowledge & great minds, in order to contribute strongly to the country’s development process, according to the vision of the government of the United Arab Emirates.
This will be a big step towards developing the UAE. It includes the human resources of competencies, experts and specialists in all critical scientific and crucial economic fields. In addition, this will support its national security & achieving self-sufficiency, progress and leadership in advanced scientific knowledge.
The same applies to many international experts and scientists emigrating from a country to another, achieving their inventions & discoveries.
With these amendments we expect the United Arab Emirates to become, during the next two decades, a global beacon, destination, a regional & international center for scientific inventions and discoveries, dissemination of science and knowledge, & the leadership in the academic, medical, technical and space fields.

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