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Hope in the Emirati Hope probe

At 12:14 pm on 7/16/2014, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, tweeted about the launch of the first Arab Islamic probe to Mars. The probe was set to reach in the year 2021, with the aim of making contributions New knowledge of humanity.
Then, on His Highness’s tweet, positive supportive tweets, and negative sarcastic tweets were shared. And after an illogical, sarcatic, and negative responses, His Highness transferred a positive energy directed to carefully follow up the project and to ensure the progress of work in it. In February 2021, as was announced in July 2014, thanks to God, with good follow-up, guidance, preparation, empowerment, specialized teamwork, the achievement was achieved. The probe arrived, as a result the United Arab Emirates became the fifth country in the world to reach the orbit of planet Mars.
In this way, the UAE and its wise leadership provide an example and proof that it is not impossible, that the Arab nation is rich in its knowledge and capabilities. In addition, it showcases that negativity is the last thing we need, and that achievement requires vision, action, follow-up, achievement, ignoring negativity and removing obstacles.
So, congratulations to the UAE for this achievement, and congratulations to the Arabs, who supported and those who were negative.

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